# Crazy Ford F-150 Converted to Drive Upside Down (A Road Legal, Drivable car)

source: rvtravel

Flipping a car usually makes for a pretty bad day, but this upside-down truck is a truly enviable vehicle.

The truck was built by mechanic Rick Sullivan in six months. He said the construction cost only $6,000. That looks like a steal.

source: transpressnz

The crazy look started with the Ford Ranger and the Ford F-150. The Ranger was the “guts” of the truck, and the body of the F-150 was placed upside down on top. When the truck is in motion, the top tire rotates like a car in motion.

Although Sullivan has attracted a lot of attention while driving his crazy truck, he says he will never sell it.
watch the video of the overturned truck below.

Barcroft Cars/Youtube


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